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Wood-inc uses the STRUCTUREZ technique. This is deliberately developed so that both the do-it-yourselfer and the experienced builder can work with it. As a prefabricated building system they always think ahead, and as a construction partner they are best involved in the development process of your project right from the concept phase.

Structurez is a timber frame building system that can be easily assembled and disassembled through the use of steel connection elements. Whereas the timber beams and columns are made entirely of renewable resources, the steel connections enjoy a long service life and potential for high-quality recycling. The connections, which are based on a Japanese technique, ensure disassembly.

Together with UHasselt, WOODinc has developed the Prefab Insulation Cassette. This prefabricated facade element aims at reuse, easy assembly and cost-efficient construction.

This is a new, innovative invention for which WOODinc and UHasselt already filed a patent application at the end of 2019. The use of this facade element belongs exclusively to WOODinc, which makes them unique on the market!

Circular construction with the possibility of reusing materials instead of costs at demolition is, besides an ecological gain, also an economic gain for both contractor, developer and builder.

Sustainable building does not have to be expensive, on the contrary.

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