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The BIM-driven Digital Twin Register

Neanex makes sure you have the information you need in only 5 clicks, correct & consistent. We struggle to have the right and correct data in an easy and accessible way. Neanex manages all relevant asset information throughout all life cycle stages. Win time to have the information you need at your fingertip.

As we want to create sustainable cities, we need to keep track of materials in our building projects. We want to know how much of it and where it is located in our project. If we want carbon accounting to succeed, we need to do the hard data work, and Neanex can do it for you.

Building Information Management is all about bringing the right information together. BIM is more than a 3Dmodel, but needs data from different tools & processes. Neanex offers a one-stop-shop for your data organization. With the off-the-shelf connection with CAD tools, you are all set to go

NEANEX: Client
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