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Material Passport

Madaster is the online library of information on materials and products. For registered buildings and infrastructure objects, their platform provides insight into the materials and products used and their location, as well as their impact on circularity and the environment. By thus providing these materials with an identity, they create awareness and understanding and make reuse easier, reduce waste and minimize the impact on our environment. In this way, Madaster is working towards a circular construction industry.

Material passport

Using Madaster to register all the materials and products that are incorporated in a building or infrastructure object, you are automatically creating a unique material passport for that building or object. This passport always shows exactly which materials and products are included, as well as their impact on circularity and the environment, and the potential residual value they represent. To automatically create such a passport, all you need to do is upload the BIM (IFC) or Excel document in Madaster.

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