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Revolutionizing housing

AUAR (pronounced ‘our’) is revolutionizing house building using automation. Their products are highly versatile. They will be available for single family homes and multi-story dwellings by the end of 2022. Their construction platform and products are engineered for automation and a sustainable, circular, zero-carbon lifecycle.

Housing for all; AUAR’s housing platform enables scale across communities, regions or

countries, achieving access to housing for all. AUAR has a customisable small one-storey house product for infill and backyard sites on the market, with sizes ranging from 15-50m2. They used these small projects to train a team that hase 15+ years of experience in architecture, design, systems design, computer science, community engagement, manufacturing and robotics.

Hopefully your interest in Auar has hereby grown. We are looking forward to exploring new horizons together with Auar. 

AUAR: Portfolio
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